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Medications and Alzheimer’s Type Dementia

As we grow older, chances are that we’ll be on some type of prescription medications. Perhaps several. Others may take over-the-counter medications only. When a loved one suffers from dementia, taking medications may complicate or add to an already challenging situation. Some medications may cause: Increased confusion Constipation Increased need to urinate Drop in blood

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Alzheimer’s Behaviors: Why Is Mom or Dad Acting This Way?

What’s going on with Mom? A person with Alzheimer’s disease may eventually show changes in behavior and personality. Some of these changes can prove alarming to loved ones as well as their caregivers. In some cases, an individual with Alzheimer’s may become aggressive, belligerent, and quite vocal about their wishes and demands, or exhibit unacceptable

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Dementia Caregiving Tips for Family or Home-Based Caregivers

Providing home care for an individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be extremely challenging. Some family members and caregivers are able to keep up with such challenges, while others can’t. The mental, as well as the physical needs of the senior, must be considered in such situations. While many family members struggle with feelings of guilt

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About the Blog

In this blog you will find guest articles and information provided by visitors to the website. Communicating with Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease: One of the most tragic symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the worsening ability to communicate. Deterioration of verbal communication is evident as pauses in conversation increase, word substitutions become more prominent, and

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Common Links for the LightBridge Knowledgebase SAFE RETURN® PROGRAM The ABC’s from the National Institute of Health Alzheimer Association Congregate Meals Senior Corps Pet Partners Transportation Information on Hospice Information on Incontinence The Dash Eating Plan Care Support Care support (Page 2) Adult Daycare Assisted Living Federation of America KnowledgeBase Credits

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