Key Program Features

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Course provides continuing education and professional development for both new and experienced caregivers.

A comprehensive guide to every stage of the disease, the 32-lesson course is focused on creating a safe and engaging environment — guided by patients’ individual disease progression — to improve quality of life and support caregivers. Research-based content is supplemented with interactive features, such as quizzes, videos, and audio content. Each lesson takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The ARARF Alzheimer’s Caregiver Course uses the LearnDash Management System, which allows healthcare institutions flexible options for scheduling, engaging, and tracking participation.

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Roll Out the Course to Fit Your Needs

With The Alzheimer’s Caregiver, your institution and its employees will benefit from a flexibly designed course. Our LearnDash Management System allows you to customize options based on your learning goals, available time, and patient and caregiver needs.

You can:

  • Enable user profiles for each participant, with progress tracking and reminders.
  • Schedule lessons based on your calendar. Content can be made available all at once, on a rolling timeline after enrollment, or in bundles.
  • View activity logs  with individual participants’ progress on lessons and quizzes and total time spent on the course.
  • See a real-time summary of all participants’ journeys with the activity stream feature.
  • Leave feedback for individual users via private messages.
  • Set up forums for course participants to discuss lessons learned and care strategies.
  • Create advanced quizzes with several multiple choice and open-ended options to reinforce key lessons.
  • Set lesson timers to help keep participants on track and keep them from moving ahead too quickly.
  • Automate email reminders and notifications for new courses and assignments, completed sections, and lapsed users.
  • Award points, badges, and certificates for milestones and upon course completion.

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Course: English


The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Course: Español